A Foolproof System to Generate Ideas for your Print-on-Demand Business

A Review of Michael Essek’s Ideas Workshop to systematically use conceptual and visual frameworks to produce good ideas quickly

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash
Lightbulb happy guy by Michael Essek

Ideas Matter

“Once you know the types and patterns, applying them becomes second nature”

  • 11 core idea generation methods. Each method includes a video, a step-by-step process, a worksheet and an outline of the notes
  • 5 custom built tools
  • 500+ unique proven frameworks
  • a 4-week LIVE Deep Dive Class
Design from Look Human
Image from Michael Essek Youtube video promoting his course
  1. Choosing a topic (Halloween in the example above), and find an input word related to that topic: scare.
  2. Finding a word that rhymes with the input word: bear.
  3. Finding a phrase that uses the rhyming word: Grin and Bear it.
  4. Replacing the rhyming word with the input word: Grin and Scare it.
  • A plug-in phrase directory of 250+ sayings,
  • A visual inspiration board with a Graphic Styles Board, an Iconic Images Board and a Layout Framework Board
  • A Slogan Slot Machine
  • A Low Hanging Fruit Cheat Sheet
  • A Mutant Words Masher



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